Tuition is $616.00 (plus tax) and covers 30 half hour piano lessons from September, 2020 - May, 2021.  This may be paid up front or in 8 monthly installments of $77.00 plus tax.  Tuition for 45 minute lessons is $872.00 (plus tax) or 8 monthly installments of $109.00 plus tax.  

 The materials fee covers books, digitally printed music, a binder, games and other hands on activities, and recitals.  Payment of the materials fee will reserve your lesson time on my schedule.                  

      Preschool - $48.00 per year

      School age/Adult - $96.00 per year

If a student joins the studio during the school year, tuition and the materials fee will be adjusted accordingly.



Illness, family emergencies, school music concerts  -  piano lessons missed for illness, emergency such as a death in the family, or a school concert may be moved to another open time slot if one is available or rescheduled on a make-up day in May, 2021.  Family trips are not eligible for make-up lessons.

Inclement weather - when the Yankton schools close for inclement weather, lessons will be held via Zoom. If school doesn't close but you determine it is wise not to travel, we can conduct an online lesson via Zoom.

 ***All make-up credits EXPIRE in May at the end of the lesson year.  They do not carry over into the summer or fall. There is no refund for missed lessons.***



 Tuition is billed monthly from September 1 - April 1. You will receive an invoice via email by the 25th of the previous month which will be due on or before the 7th of the month. You will be emailed a receipt once payment is received. Payment may be made online or in person.

 Payment options:



      Automatic payment

           Credit Card (through my website)